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GVLINK can offer customers hot spaces in peak season  without premium rates thanks to  building  up  strong relationships with major shipping lines . And We – GVLINK – always on behalf of customers to  listen and understand .




HOTLINE : +84.935.889.547

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We are experienced in complying with customs formalities for the large cargo with varieties of lines, we could apply these flexibly and correctly upon the conditions of Commercial Law; and Customs Regulations. This means we provide you the highest services with the lowest duties in both loading and unloading ports



HOTLINE : +84.938.174.142

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Trading Intermediary

We are importing and exporting a wide variety of Vietnam Agricultural Products such as: ginger, seedless lemon, chilli, rice, pepper, coffee beans, corn, tapioca, vegetable and accacia woodchip, wood pellet…We have wide enterprises with skillful workers and modern processing lines so we can supply all kinds of agricultural products with best quality and competitive price for you.


HOTLINE : +84.911.444.255

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Quality Service

Packaging Service

  • Depending on each kinds of machine, equipment, basing on their size, characteristic, we will offer the most suitable solution for packing. Hereunder, we describe how we pack machine and equipment.
  • Start by measuring all dimensions, weight and determine the nature as well as characteristic of the machine/equipment.
  • Locate the machine/equipment to the appropriate place for packing.
  • Reinforce the machine/equipment in the wooden box.
  • Seal up the wooden box and mark in number and name to avoid missing or confusion.
  • Check and handover to customer.

World Class Transportation Service

Team of logistic experts are always available to help you.
  • Long haulage cross border trucking service.
  • Heavy lift and over-side transportation.
  • Transship from port to CY, depot or shipside.
  • Pickup & deliver LCL cargo to any destinations.

Affordable Warehousing Service

Properly serviced brakes are essential to the safety of your vehicle.
  • Full inbound and outbound CFS cargo.
  • Packing, labeling cargo and distribution.
  • Computerized monitoring & 24 hour security.
  • Single and multiple deliver to any destination.

Reliable Custom Clearance

  • Filling the Customs Declared Form.
  • Customs Declaration and Tax Code Application.
  • Carrying out procedures of Commodity Control or applying for Extra Commodity Control.
  • Dealing with concerning bodies to comply with all sub- formalities upon the requirement of Customs House including Cultural Control, Geology control, quarantine of botanical – animal – foodstuffs, fumigation etc.

Engine Overhaul

Properly serviced brakes are essential to the safety of your vehicle.
  • Do formality when vessels entry or departure.
  • Signing B/L and other relevant documents.
  • Time charter, voyage or bare boat charter.
  • Boarding officers are trained & licensed.

Forwarding Service

  • Fast and reliable air freight services.
  • Competitive prices & to reduce costs Consolidation Or SEA-AIR services.
  • Punctual delivery.
  • Trained and certified to answer all your hazardous cargo needs.


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