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Danang economic development plan vision up to 2020 – Part 2

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Finance – Monetary matter:

Continuation of diversification and modernization of banking services (capital mobilization, credit, settlement, foreign currency exchange, insurance business, stock market trading and others). By gradual steps, formation of capital market and stock market in order to make Danang a finance, monetary center for Central Vietnam, the Central Highlands and the entire nation. Maximum mobilization of domestic and foreign capital sources by various procedures and forms such as bonds and stocks in order to extract idle capital expatriate home remittance and attract investment from every economic sector.

Strategies and a model for logistics development in Vietnam

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As we know, despite difficulties from the global crisis, logistics has been developing in many countries worldwide thanks to its inevitability and thanks to advantages it offers to human society. According to researches, it is believed that sea economy will bounce back in the next few years, together with developments of seaports, container transport and globalized logistics.

As a developing country aiming to industrialization and prosperity from sea economy in 2020, what should we do to impulse international integration and stable development of the logistics?

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