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Danang economic development plan vision up to 2020 – Part 2

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Finance – Monetary matter:

Continuation of diversification and modernization of banking services (capital mobilization, credit, settlement, foreign currency exchange, insurance business, stock market trading and others). By gradual steps, formation of capital market and stock market in order to make Danang a finance, monetary center for Central Vietnam, the Central Highlands and the entire nation. Maximum mobilization of domestic and foreign capital sources by various procedures and forms such as bonds and stocks in order to extract idle capital expatriate home remittance and attract investment from every economic sector.

Transport services:

Forceful development of transport services, development of transit warehousing, building up Danang into a transit hub for goods transit and flow passing through various regions, resulting in logistics for the whole Central and the Central Highlands. Active exploitation of the advantageous position in the East - West economic corridor to develop international transport from the Central Highlands, route 9 going to Laos and Thailand. Uplifting Tien Sa Port holding capacity to 4.5 – 5 million tons yearly, Han River Port to a million tons yearly. Building up Lien Chieu Port (section I) to freight handling capacity from 1 million tons per year, to 6 -6.5 million tons yearly after 2010. Development of the container ship fleet and the domestic tourist ship fleet making calls at Hai Phong – Da Nang, Qui Nhon – Nha Trang – Saigon – Can Tho ports. Forming alliances with other transport organizations to make direct shipment from Danang Port to other ports in the region and in Asia and vice versa.

Post-telecom services:

Development of post-telecom services to modernity being on a par with advanced countries in the region, offering multiple internationally accredited services. Striving to extend postal services to full 100% coverage of the central urban and outskirts population being on a par with developed countries. Development a wide band multi-tasking service to serve business activities and management of agriculture (agro – fishery –forestry).

Daily newspapers delivery should reach 100% of mountainous villages and villages in the plains. Each household should have, on average, a telephone unit. Central inner city communication lines will be fitted with optical fibres. Upgrading Danang communication highway to be on a par with the national hub axis Hanoi – HCM.

 Strive for sustainable development of the rural economy in the direction of multiple occupation, high value added, industries centered, service centered rural economic structure. There should be a reduction of staple grain crops but an increase of other kinds of food in structural agricultural production. There should be mechanization, industrial science and technology application to production setting basic precedence to push Danang ahead in the field of agricultural modernization after 2010. Completion building of rural infrastructures, forceful drive to rural socioeconomic development to narrow the urban – rural gap.


Building up Danang into becoming a strong regional fishery center. Forceful drive to high seas fishing, rapid increase of high-power fishing boats, reform and upgrading low power boats to be seaworthy. Building up fishing collaborative groups with supportive action to sea fishing.

 By gradual steps modernize information – communication, monitoring fishing activities, news – information transmission to fishing vessels operating at sea and timely provision of search and rescue. Focus investment on fishery infrastructure perfection. Building up a fishery work training center, fishery logistic service facilities, marine product trade center whereby fish product auctions can be held on a trading floor, raw material for processing can be supplied. Development of fish farming in the main direction of industrial scale in conjunction with farm environment monitoring, to assure clean products meeting processing requirements for export. Forceful drive of fish processing for export, focuss on high-tech equipment renovation, multiply processing plants.

 Urban infrastructure systems:

Forceful development of zoning, planning, reinforcement of investment for development of urban infrastructures in uniformity with modern, civilized trend. Expansion of urban space in every direction, develop functional orientation in the west, northwest, south, southeast, concern be given to outskirt villages. Build up the city with a modern vision, with functional quarters, particularly the down town quarter, the professional business quarters. There should be judicious land utilization, with architectural space in harmony with rich, diverse natural ecology environment such as the sea, mountains, rivers…. Under the guiding principle of “extending the coastline, stretching the river”, by gradual steps, creating a particular architectural profile. Build up a long term strategy with elevated communication network, an underground transit in the heart of the city and across rivers, fly-over at key road intersections. National requirements for category I city such as housing, public works communication, rain water drainage, sewage, water supply, power supply, post-telecom, environment sanitation, greenery cover should be met. The objective is to create a space for traffic over housing construction space, increase vegetation coverage, resource and environment monitoring, increase the population’s awareness of urban civilization upkeeping.



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